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Do-It-Yourself Projects

Guiding You Through DIY Landscaping

Are you feeling ambitious? Want to take on the challenge of landscaping your property? At Designer Outdoors, we offer do-it-yourselfers tailored services and excellent resources to help you complete a great project. When you retain our professional landscape services, we can assist with the design elements and you can enjoy completing the work on your own.

All of our materials are available for purchase and can be delivered directly to your home. We also offer consultation services during the installation process to help ensure that your installation is going as smoothly as possible. Designer Outdoors can supply the help you need to complete your outdoor project the way you envisioned it!

Guides for Installation

If you have purchased materials for any of the following items, you can find their installation guides here*:

*Please note: The installation guides are for informational purposes only and may require specialized tools and equipment. Designer Outdoors is not responsible for the outcome of the finished do-it-yourself (DIY) project or any injuries caused to any persons involved in the installation or injury due to failure of outcome. Please consult Designer Outdoors professionals before starting any DIY project. All materials needed are available for purchase and delivery.

Before Installing

Before you begin excavating, you need to call all local utility companies to ensure that the area in which you plan to dig is clear of underground cables or wires. This includes the phone company, electrical company, and gas company. If any are found, please notify the appropriate companies before you begin. Dig Safe is a great service that can help you with clearing or shutting off existing underground lines. Contact them at 800-922-4455 or visit www.cbyd.com for more information.

If you are ready to get started on your DIY project, do not hesitate to contact Designer Outdoors today! Our Connecticut landscape and design professionals can help you plan for, design, and finish your outdoor living area.