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Helpful Information for Landscaping in Connecticut

At Designer Outdoors, we have years of experience developing beautiful, customized outdoor living spaces for our clients. We take into consideration a variety of concerns that you may have regarding your needs, functionality, and budget to make sure that you obtain an efficient outdoor space. When you work with our design team, we can personalize all aspects of your area and enhance the beauty of your property by incorporating natural elements, hardscapes, and waterscapes. We provide quality customer service, maintenance, design, installation and even event decorations for our clients throughout Connecticut.

Guiding Our Clients Through the Landscaping Process

To better serve people who retain our services, we are happy to provide the following helpful information:

Three Easy Steps to Getting Started
Getting started is easier than ever before. When you work with Designer Outdoors, we can help you realize your vision by surveying your area, providing a one-on-one consultation with a design expert from our team, and implementing a customized landscape for your home.

Online Services
Designer Outdoors has a variety of services available from the comfort and convenience of your home. Our web-based services include an online design process, complete with pictures, preliminary design concepts, measurements, and beautiful plans to help you visualize your final project.

3D Projects
See your project in 3D! That's right; we offer complete 3D design services to help you visualize what the final project may look like before we even begin digging. We can showcase difficult-to-envision designs and offer detailed information on materials, design elements, and plants.

Turn to Designer Outdoors for the resources you need!

At Designer Outdoors, we believe that working with integrity and outstanding customer service helps us complete our clients' projects to the high standard that they deserve. We can work with you to develop a custom design and ensure that your needs are addressed at every stage of the process.

If you are ready to begin landscaping your property, do not hesitate to contact our trusted design team. We have been providing gorgeous outdoor living spaces to clients since 1998 and we may be able to help you as well. Contact Designer Outdoors today to learn more and to get an estimate for your project from our Connecticut landscape and design professionals.