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Quality Landscaping in Connecticut

Living in Connecticut, we are able to experience the beauty of each of the four seasons. Our natural surroundings abound with gorgeous woods, changing foliage, flowers and shrubbery that have made New England famous. As a home or business owner, you may be looking to take advantage of the natural splendor that our state has to offer. If you are looking to capture the essence of our natural ecosystem, create a functional outdoor living space, or provide eye-catching décor for an outdoor event, look no further than Designer Outdoors.

At Designer Outdoors, we are proud to offer outstanding customer service, quality outdoor designs, and trusted maintenance for your space. We have been creating and installing outdoor living spaces since 1998 and we offer the best warranty in the industry. We only install the very best, hand-selected materials for our projects. Designer Outdoors' experienced masons, nurserymen, and carpenters can create and complete each project with great care. Whether you have a project in mind or you are in need of a little guidance, Designer Outdoors can help! We are proud to offer the following services to our clients throughout the state of Connecticut:

Project Consulting

Sometimes, you need a little inspiration to get started on your outdoor space. At Designer Outdoors, our professional consultants can work with you to develop the perfect outdoor living area for your home or business. From plant selection and layout to do-it-yourself projects, you can count on Designer Outdoors!

Property Maintenance

Keeping your outdoor living space beautiful is a year-round job. At Designer Outdoors, we offer mulching, pruning, edging, watering, annuals, power washing, paver maintenance, holiday decorations and many other maintenance services to help keep your space looking its best.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is designed to be attractive and well balanced with the local environment. These designs are functional, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our designers can help turn your yard into a water-wise, integrated area that can be both resourceful and beautiful.

Event Decoration

Are you hosting a wedding? Is there a party coming up that you may need to spruce up your yard for? Designer Outdoors offers elegant event decorations that can help make your next event completely unforgettable. Whatever season or occasion, our team can help enhance your space!

Drainage Solutions

Flat soil, dense soil, or any space that is difficult to drain can cause expensive and unsightly damage. Save your plants, your money and your time by working with Designer Outdoors to help overcome your drainage concerns.

Start developing your outdoor space today!

Each and every aspect of your outdoor needs can be met when you work with Designer Outdoors. We want to provide you with 100% satisfaction, and your experience with our Connecticut landscape and design professionals should always be positive. We are well equipped and efficient in the work that we provide to our clients and we want to leave your property looking significantly better than we found it. Take advantage of the New England seasons and enjoy your outdoor living space!

Contact Designer Outdoors today to get started on the process of creating a beautiful, custom landscape that will meet your needs.