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Connecticut Outdoor Drainage Solutions

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Drainage Solutions Suffield Ct

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At Designer Outdoors, we take pride in being among the best in the industry. We are constantly available 7 days a week to serve our clients. Every member of our team – including masons, carpenters, designers, and nurserymen – works collectively to create a cost-effective solution to treat your current drainage issue.

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Glowing Reviews from Our Customers

"This was a very large landscaping project that included stonework, walkways, and drainage components. From initial design consultations to the ongoing services, they have been professional, courteous, and proud of their work product." - Carol B., Customer

We fix the drainage problems around your home!

Have drainage issues? Problematic drainage can be one of the most important issues to address for your home or outdoor living space. A soggy yard could be the number one cause of serious property damage matters, bad odors, or unwanted pests. Our skilled Connecticut landscape designers can diagnose your current drainage issue and propose a cost-effective solution that can cure a wet yard for the long-term!

Potential solutions could include the following:

  • Surface drainage systems
  • Underground drainage systems
  • Installing water-loving plants
  • Installing raised planting areas
  • Basins, drains, and grates

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No matter your current drainage problem, our skilled and experienced team of outdoor landscape design specialists can create an effective drainage solution. Overtime, your home and outdoor living space can finally be rid of any serious drainage problems that may be compromising the overall health of your landscape or the overall integrity of your structure.

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