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Project Consultation Services

Helping You Create Your Outdoor Living Space

At Designer Outdoors, we are proud to offer outstanding landscape and maintenance services to clients in Suffield and throughout Connecticut and we provide well-designed and personally crafted areas for each individual to enjoy. Our team has been providing beautiful outdoor living spaces and quality customer service since 1998. While our landscape services can help you create a custom area for you and your family or business, we understand that sometimes, clients want to complete a project on their own. If you are interested in a do-it-yourself project, but need a little professional guidance for your space, we can help.

Our team provides professional consultations for homeowners who wish to do the majority of the work themselves. When you engage the services of a Designer Outdoors consultant, you can work closely with the consultant from the start to the finish of your project. We provide site visitations, plant selections, layout guidelines, and information regarding your climate, ecosystem and drainage. Each consultation will help ensure that you are set up for success and make sure that you end up with a beautiful, well crafted, and functional space that meets your specific needs. Speak with a landscaper in Suffield today by calling Designer Outdoors.

Schedule a Consultation with a Connecticut Landscaper

Each consultation costs $85.00 an hour, and you can schedule your consultant to spend as much or as little time as needed with you to help ensure that your do-it-yourself project is perfect. When you work with a consultation professional from our team, you can receive professional knowledge, quality services, and a design that is tailored to your needs. Of course, if at any time throughout the project, you need a little extra help, we can provide you with landscaping, maintenance, or installation. Contact a Connecticut landscape and design consultant today to get started!