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Property Maintenance by Designer Outdoors

Keeping your property looking beautiful!

With all of the time spent making your property look great, it is important that you keep it looking its best. Connecticut experiences all four seasons, and while the New England weather can be beautiful, it also can be harsh on your plants and property. It is important that you protect your outdoor living space and landscaping by working with Designer Outdoors. We have been providing outstanding customer service and professional consultations to our clients since 1998 and we can help you, too. We offer unique and beautiful landscape design in Suffield and all throughout Connecticut, call us today to get started.

Each property is unique, and clients' exact desires for maintaining outdoor living spaces vary. We can provide you with a cost estimate and maintenance schedule based on your specific needs. While your property's design or care may vary, our maintenance services can help keep your plants, hardscape, and home looking its best. Some of the maintenance solutions we provide include:

  • Mulching your plants and grass
  • Pruning hedges and plants
  • Watering based on seasonal needs
  • Planting and removing annuals
  • Power washing to help keep your property clean
  • Paver maintenance
  • Putting up and removing holiday decorations

Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

It is recommended that you hire an experienced caretaker for your property to help keep up curb appeal, prolong the life of your plants, and keep your yard looking its best. Our services can ensure that your plants are thriving year-round. We can help bring festivity to your home or business by providing annual color as well as fixing and treating drainage concerns or pest problems.

Take the hassle out of caring for your yard and property! Do not hesitate to contact our professional and trusted maintenance professionals at Designer Outdoors. Contact our Connecticut landscape and design team today to get a quote on your property maintenance needs and keep your property looking great all year long!