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Sustainable Landscaping in Suffield

Landscaping for Connecticut's Climate

Sustainable landscaping is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States, including in Connecticut. This type of landscaping is designed to be both attractive and in balance with the local climate and environment. The goal of sustainable landscaping is to require minimal resource inputs and still deliver maximum aesthetic appeal. At Designer Outdoors, we understand that a sustainable landscape must be functional, cost-efficient, visually appealing, environmentally friendly, and maintainable. If you are interested in having your space converted into a sustainable area, do not hesitate to work with our talented landscaping professionals.

Connecticut Landscaping by Designer Outdoors

Sustainable landscape concepts are designed to meet a number of goals, and our design team will help identify yours and create a personalized design to help you meet them. The concept of sustainable development pays close attention to:

  • Preservation of limited or costly resources
  • Reducing waste and preventing air, water and soil pollution
  • Developing a compost area as necessary
  • Fertilizing sustainably
  • Grass recycling
  • Natural pest control measures
  • Reducing use of the chemicals
  • Using natural endemic plants to reduce irrigation and drainage concerns
  • Appropriate use of turf
  • Water-wise gardening
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Xeriscaping

Contact Designer Outdoors to Create Your Sustainable Yard

Being a sustainable gardener can be easier than you think. Sustainability is a method of enhancing your property, especially when you are looking to reduce your impact on the environment and your wallet. If you have been considering this landscaping alternative, do not hesitate to contact Designer Outdoors today.

We can provide you with information regarding your local ecosystem and climate and assist you with developing a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that is appealing and efficient. To get more information or a quote for your space and the sustainable measures we can provide, contact our Connecticut landscape and design team today!