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At Designer Outdoors, we know that your outdoor space isn't just a view from your window. It is a place where guests gather, your family grows together, and your home sits in the community. We believe that outdoor spaces deserve the same care and attention as indoor environments and have countless times provided design and maintenance solutions that have completely transformed a property.

Our team does not just shovel dirt and swing hammers: Designer Outdoors consists of skilled designers, landscapers, masons, carpenters, and nurserymen are ready to assess your outdoor space and execute customized, one-of-a-kind results. We are proud to offer safe, licensed, and comprehensive work in the following areas:


Front yard. Your front yard is the welcome mat of your home—make sure it promises the same beauty and comfort the inside of your house enjoys. From lush garden designs and beautiful island bed installation, our landscapers can make sure you home leaves a lasting impression at first sight.

Back yard. No matter how much or little room you have, back yards are crucial in nurturing the soul of your household. Whether your property calls for sleek modernism or a cozier, rustic concept, our landscapers can transform your back yard into the retreat your family and loved ones deserve.

Retaining walls. A proper retaining wall adds new dimension to any outdoor space. Our team works with a wide array of the highest quality building materials to ensure that your retaining walls are not only structurally sound, but become an essential element of your yard's aesthetic.

Design Services

Creative design. Not sure what your outdoor space needs? No problem. Our designers have the creative eye and resources to present you with rich, actionable design concepts—and incorporate any ideas that you have—to transform any corner of your property.

3D design. It is common for some clients to want to get an idea of what their project will look like before work even begins. That is why we offer 3D visualization services that can render what your new yard will look like before ground is ever broken.


Patios. From cooking options to lighting and enclosures, patios allow for so many different possibilities in your outdoor space. Our masons select the finest materials for our patio projects and fortify these installations to withstand the conditions of every passing New England season.

Walkways. Whether your decor calls for wood, stone, or brick, our team can create safe and stylish walkways around your home. More than just a functional path for foot traffic, we strive to make each walkway a brief journey to or from your home that leave an impression.

Decks and structures. Some yards could use more than just gardening or patios. Our carpenters are well-versed in creating customized and evocative decks and structure solutions that go up fast, last for years, bring your outdoor space to a whole new level.

Driveways. Your driveway is the thoroughfare between your home and the rest of the world—make sure it is laid right. Designer Outdoors understands that proper tar, asphalt, and sealant are needed withstand hot summers, frigid Connecticut winters, and your family's coming and going.

Fencing.Even the most gorgeous outdoor designs can fall flat without proper framing. We know how to accurately follow your property's survey lines and create fencing solutions that are not only gorgeous, but address any of your family's safety and security concerns.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen area is the best way to break up your household routine and bask in the natural surroundings your property. Our design and install teams not only know how to make these spaces as functional as your indoor kitchen, but also how keep them maintainable during the inhospitable months of the calendar.

Fire pits & fireplaces. Nothing provides excitement, energy, and ambiance in living space like a fire. Our designers have installed countless hearths and fire pits that can not only complement the design of your back yard, but become the vibrant centerpiece of your family's nighttime gatherings.

Outdoor lighting. No living space is complete without functional and stylish lighting. We work with the very best lighting products and electricians that will not only safely illuminate your pathways, porches, and patios, but create a sense of mood and warmth to your yard.

Water features. More and more homeowners are turning to water features to add an uncommon sense of ambiance and tranquility to their yards. From fountains, to reflecting pools, to waterfalls, our team can ensure your new space has the added dimension of serenity these features provide.

Transform your outdoor space today!

From the moment you decide your property could use a change, Designer Outdoors is ready to walk you through every step of your project. We pride ourselves on providing timely and lasting results for our clients that not only beautify their property, but continue to do so for years after the work is completed.

Contact Designer Outdoors to start this process today. Your free initial consultation is waiting.

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