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Project Overview

Working with Designer Outdoors

Getting started on your outdoor project can be easier than you think! When you work with Designer Outdoors, we can help develop a unique and personalized living space that meets your needs and helps enhance the beauty of your home. Whether you are looking for a do-it-yourself project or are in need of a professional's guidance, look no further than Designer Outdoors. Our team has been developing gorgeous outdoor spaces for clients throughout Connecticut since 1998, and we may be able to help you as well.

Our professional landscapers, masons, nurserymen, and carpenters build and design each project with integrity. We offer the best available warranty in the industry, and our company is built on the virtues of honesty and communication. We are proud to say that we have outstanding customer service and we are available seven days a week to help meet your needs. When you work with our team, we can help you each step of the way and can offer you trusted information on the following:

Design Process
Our team can help research, gather ideas, and plan to ensure that your vision is turned into a reality. Together, we can address all planning, consider all ideas, and conduct necessary research to help design a beautiful, customized space for your needs.

Installation Process
During the installation process of a project, we can work closely with you to ensure that we are bringing your ideas to life. If something is not turning out quite as it was envisioned, we can work to address your concern and overcome it. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Design Mistakes
Small spaces, poor transition from indoor space to outdoor space, oversized plants, or piecemeal designs can all hinder the look and functionality of a landscape. To help ensure that your space is beautiful and cohesive, work with Designer Outdoors!

Consult our landscaping professionals today!

If you have been considering creating a beautiful outdoor space that meets you and your family's specific needs, do not hesitate to contact Designer Outdoors. We take great care and put extensive consideration into each client's needs and we can develop a personalized plan to help ensure that you are satisfied with the project each step of the way. From the beginning design concepts to the finalization and maintenance of the area, you can rely on Designer Outdoors' Connecticut landscape and design team. Contact our office today to discuss your property and learn how working with our designers can help you!