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The Installation Process

Do you need landscape installation in Connecticut?

The Installation phase consists of the actual building of the project. During this phase Designer Outdoors will work closely together with you to bring life to your newly designed outdoor space. Your satisfaction is our top priority and so will our communication with you during the day to day progress of the project.

Below is an overview of the Installation Process.

  • Contact Designer Outdoors to schedule your initial consultation. All decision making parties need to be available at the time of your consultation.
  • Complete our Design Survey prior to Initial Consultation. The Design Survey will help us define your landscape needs as well as provide a better understanding of the purpose and vision of your project. Any additional pictures, ideas, and wish lists are welcome.

  • At the Initial Consultation a Designer Outdoors professional will conduct an in depth analysis of all conditions affecting your outdoor space. Provide site plans, surveys, septic drawings, dog fence sketches, irrigation plans or any relevant documents available for the property. The more information we have regarding your property, the more in depth your design will be. Your Designer Outdoors professional will take measurements and photographs to ensure an accurate design for your outdoor space. Click here for a Complete Overview of the Design Process
  • The Final Design Plan is presented and installation date is set.
  • Before Work Begins a pre-installation meeting is scheduled to discuss final project details. All utilities will be called in and marked.
  • Enjoy your finished outdoor project.